PuzzleBang 2014

Salutations, Puzzlers

Welcome to PuzzleBang 2014.

Calling all agents, historians, crime-stoppers, and random nerds! Help! The gizime created by the "Masters of the Universe" has been discovered! This is a piece of lost technology which allows people to travel back in time! Time, I tell you! It's a bloody time machine! AND WE DON'T HAVE IT!!!! We had arranged to procure it from the finder. We had offered him a great deal. He would give us the gizime and we would be quiet about some of his… past deeds. We also promised to give him some candy as a finder's fee. AND HE REJECTED US!!!! WHAT AN OUTRAGE! He thinks he's a superhero of some kind as he's planning to use it for all that is right. Did you hear us? WE DO NOT OWN THE SHINY TOY! This must be remedied! We are seeking brave volunteers to venture into time & space to reclaim the device for us.

What is PuzzleBang?

Almost half a decade ago, two UIUC undergrads (Benjamin Juang, David Tan) enjoyed an annual event called PuzzleCrack during the ACM R|P conferences. They found they really liked solving puzzles and when they discovered that there wasn't going to be a PuzzleCrack for ACM R|P 2011, they decided they would try their hand at running their own puzzle contest.

PuzzleBang 2011 was awesome, PuzzleBang 2012 got better (in terms of prizes, anyhow), PuzzleBang 2013 resulted in doubling our turnout, so Ben and David are back to confuddle and distract you from lectures and homework once again in 2014!

tl;dr: Here be puzzles. Fun is mandatory. Not having fun? Please tell us!