Welcome to PuzzleBang 2018!

Monday, Sept. 17th, 2018 - Saturday, Sept. 22th, 2018

PuzzleBang is an annual puzzlehunt competition that's part of the ACM Reflections | Projections conference. This year's PuzzleBang is sponsored by IMO.

Puzzles will be gradually unlocked from Mon. Sept. 17, 2018 to Sat. Sept. 22, 2018. Unlike previous years, however, not all puzzle have to be solved to win.

PuzzleBang also runs an escape room in Siebel. You don't have to participate in the puzzlehunt in order to experience the escape room (nor do you have to escape the escape room in order to win the puzzlehunt).

Dear Student,

Things aren't good, you've fallen into an alternate dimention after someone decided to try overclocking one of our university quantum computing clusters to mine dogecoin (why did they want dogecoin anyways!).

Anyways, because of some weird quantum problems, you've been trapped in this alternate universe. Can you solve all the puzzles by the end of the week and return to your actual universe?

Go ahead and click on the Lobby tile above to login or sign up.

Your sincerely,
PuzzleBang GameControl

P.S. Problems? Bored? Not having fun? We'd like to fix that!